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Animate Your Alerts and Notifications

Create jaw-dropping, 3D animated motion graphics in just seconds.

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Automated alerts and overlays

Plugin and Automate Your Data

  • Automatically display follower, subscription and host alerts from streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube
  • Celebrate donations with automated alerts from Streamlabs, Streamtip, and Gamewisp
  • Show your social followers some love with follower notifications from Twitter

Find the Perfect Look for Your Stream

Explore a range of 20 professionally-designed alerts & overlays inspired by popular games, styles and themes—created by streamers just for you.

Choose Your Design
Customize your animated alerts

Customize to Fit Your Needs

Change the color, position, text and logo of any design to perfectly suit your audience.

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Upgrade to OvrStream Ultimate

  • Create your own custom, 3D animated alerts and overlays with OvrStream’s feature-packed Title Designer
  • Unlock more than 130 effects, transitions and animations to create dynamic motion graphics
  • Access OvrStream Ultimate’s complete library of over 20 professional scene templates, graphic looping, custom audio design and much more
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"OvrStream has elevated the production value of our stream to another level!!! "
-Carlos Rivera

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