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Greetings, OvrStream Users!

We are so grateful for your support, your enthusiasm and your creativity within OvrStream. Whether you joined us on Day One or just one day ago, we can’t thank you enough for spending your time in OvrStream and trusting us with your alerts, overlays, and other streaming content.

Over the last year, we’ve taken an immense amount of feedback from users like you and turned it into product changes we think you’ll love. Today, we’re launching not only some new OvrStream features, but we’re also overhauling the way you access our product to make your streams your own.

New Features

Variable Donation Alerts

In OvrStream, you’ll be able to create Variable-Based Donations – within one alert in the Title Designer, you’ll be able to assign attributes to either specific donation amounts or a ranged amount, to thank & recognize the community members who support your channel. These title cards will work with both Streamlabs Donation input & Twitch Cheers. Spooky, silly, or something in between? That’s up to you.

Progress Bars

All streamers have goals, big or small. With our progress bars, you can use OvrStream’s library of 130+ effects and transitions to take control of every aspect of the title. You can set up a Progress Bar for Twitch Bits & StreamLabs donations now; look out for Subscriber goals in a future patch.

Chat Triggers

You may be familiar with chat-triggered sound effects, but what if your chat could contribute to a visual change in your overlay? With OvrStream’s Chat Alert technology, you’ll be able to assign title cards to trigger when a command is given in your chat! No spam here; you get to decide how many ‘votes’ it takes for the card to go off, and set cooldowns.

OvrStream – Overhauled.

Here’s the big one: Starting today, OvrStream will come to you as just one product. “Free”, “Plus” and “Ultimate” have retired, and all our users will be migrated under one product.


OvrStream will be available at a subscription price of $4.99/month, and will encompass all the features of our former Ultimate edition, including full access to our 30+ templates, 130+ animations and transitions, and our fully-featured Title Designer. If you’re an Ultimate or Plus user, your subscription will turn over to the new format for your next billing period. Free users, you’ll receive 60 days of OvrStream before needing to subscribe – simply download the new version from inside your account. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our support team!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the changes to OvrStream; if you have any questions or feedback we’d love to hear about it on Discord – or you can email the team via our Contact form. Please keep in touch! We love seeing what you’re doing in our community spaces.

We can’t wait to see what you create with OvrStream.
Download now for free.


Alternative Text Libby (a.k.a. Askesienne) is OvrStream's Marketing Manager. For more information on OvrStream, find us on Twitter or Discord!

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