Making Great Alerts Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Get started in seconds with OvrStream, the world’s first automated, animated graphics app for streamers.

Capture More Followers with 3D, Animated Graphics

Start with 20 stunning alerts and overlays inspired by popular games, styles and trends. Each unique design delivers a truly unmatched experience.

Freedom to Customize

Ramp up fast with any overlay, then customize the color, text, position and logo to fit your your brand and audience.

customize your alerts

Get Connected

Show incoming donations with stunning graphics from services like StreamLabs and StreamTip.

automated alerts

Streaming Platforms

Automatically display follower, subscription and host alerts from Twitch and YouTube.


Donation Services

Show incoming donations with stunning graphics from services like Streamlabs and Streamtip.

Custom Data

Make animated alerts for virtually any type of data with custom HTML widgets and the automated text file reader.

Ditch the Hassle. Simplify Your Setup

Control alerts, notifications and updates from a single location without the pain of complicated, multi-step configurations.

Start Up in Seconds

No more jumping between multiple windows. OvrStream consolidates everything for you in a single screen.

Simply apply your favorite alert or overlay, then connect to any service like Twitch or YouTube using OBS, Xsplit or Gameshow to go live in an instant.

Go From N00b to Ninja in Minutes

OvrStream displays all the tools you need to operate your alerts and overlays in an easy, intuitive interface. Spend less time learning and more time streaming!

1. Service Login

Log in to Twitch, YouTube, Steamlabs and more to automatically drive data into your graphics.

2. Live Monitor

Use the live monitor to keep an eye on your graphics.

3. Edit/Preview Window

Preview your graphics and animations before going live.

4. Scale and Resize

Scale, position and resize your overlay elements.

5. Flexible Workspace

Make the workspace your own with customizable, tear-away panels.

6. Define Attributes

Change colors, add logos and text to personalize your design.

Get Ovrstream Ultimate and Unlock the Next
Level of Professional Graphics

Unleash Your Inner Artist

Dive into the Title Designer to quickly create animated 2D and 3D alerts, overlays and notifications.

130 Effects and Animations

Use more than 130 included effects and animations to create dynamic results.

Import Anything

Import logos, clips and images to create truly unique alerts and overlays.

Turn Up the Volume

Add custom audio files to your alerts and notifications.

Get Your Code On

Trigger alerts and notifications with your own custom HTML widgets.

Start the Clock

Keep track of your speedruns with built-in timers.

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"OvrStream has elevated the production value of our stream to another level!!!"
-Carlos Rivera

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