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OvrStream enables you to customize your stream like never before. Now that you’ve experienced our trial, we hope you’ll continue your subscription & up your game.

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    • Animated 3D Motion Graphics
    • Text, Image, and Color Replacement
    • OBS, Xsplit, and Gameshow
    • Unlimited Overlay Scenes
    • 60fps
    • Title Looping
    • Full-Featured Title Designer
    • Image and Video Import
    • 100+ Effects
    • Create Custom Variables
    • Audio Design
    • Export Images, Videos and More

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Up Your Game and Play with the Big Leagues

Timers for speedruns

Start the Clock

Keep track of your speedruns with built-in timers.

Looping animations

Loop Your Animations

Set your graphics to loop every few seconds to remind your viewers of events, social media channels and upcoming giveaways.

Multiple graphics in one scene

15 Scene Playlist

Set up ten different graphics

witihin a single scene.

3D Animated Alerts and Overlays

Title Designer

Create 2D and 3D animated

alerts, overlays and notifications.

Wirecast & vMix support

Wirecast and

Use your alerts and overlays within Wirecast and vMix

Audio file support for alerts and notifications

Sound FX & Audio Design

Add custom audio files to your alerts and notifications.

Export Projects, Images and More

Export Projects, Images and More

Export your designs as projects to share with others.

Professionally designed alerts and overlays

Unlimited Scenes

Access the full library of expertly designed alerts and overlays.

1080p resolution

1080p Resolution

Stream in full HD 1080p for the highest resolution.


Trigger alerts and notifications with custom HTML widgets.

60 FPS

60 FPS

Match the quality of your stream with 60 fps.

130+ effects and animations

Effects and Animations

Explore 130+ effects and animations.

Create custom variables

Create Custom

Reuse alerts by exposing text and color variables.

Import video, images and vector files

Import Video, Image and Vector

Import logos, clips and images for customized graphics.