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We believe professional-level graphics and alerts should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make the OvrStream experience accessible to streamers and content creators of all ability levels. This blog post will cover all you need to know about the top new features and improvements included in your copy of OvrStream.

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Simple Template Editing

Change text, color and image assets in templates directly from the Edit/Preview Window for a more intuitive workflow.

Editing in the Edit/Preview Window

  1. Select a graphic in your scene and head over to the Edit/ Preview window.
  2. Scale and position your graphics by clicking and dragging on the green bounding box of your templates. Double click on the title to reset it to it’s default dimensions.
  3. Change the default text or color by clicking on an element in the design.
  4. Preview your titles by hitting the Play button next to each title, to make sure you have the look you want.

Webcam Camera Input

With OvrStream Ultimate, you can animate your webcam feeds and apply over 100 different video effects to your live camera to give your viewers a truly unique experience.


Adding Webcam Feed

  1. Add a Camera Frame to your scene from the Inputs Library> Design then go the “Camera Frames” folder and choose a design.
  2. Open the Attributes Panel. From here, you can select your webcam source, effect and preset. Each effect comes with a bunch of presets – remember to check both drop-down menus for hundreds of options! Try different filters or stylistic effects to your webcam or NDI source to impress your viewers.

Drive any Data to Any Alert or Overlay

OvrStream gives you the freedom to drive data coming from any service to automatically trigger alerts or update your overlays.

Drag and Drop Variable Assignment

  1. Select a template from the Library> Designs folder.
  2. Assign an Input to use with the design. You can choose Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Gamewisp & many more.
  3. Sign in to the chosen Input service.
  4. In the Edit/Preview Window, click on the Show Inputs button.
  5. Simply click and drag a variable onto a text field in your template. The variables assigned to templates will automatically update whenever new data comes in via your input.

Additional Features:

Streamlabs OBS Support – Use OvrStream with Streamlabs OBS via NDI plugin.

Multiple Inputs – Mix and match multiple services into a single graphic by stacking inputs.

We hope you enjoy OvrStream! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Let us know what you think over on Twitter, and don’t forget to join the community over on Discord.

Happy streaming!

Alternative Text Libby (a.k.a. Askesienne) is OvrStream's Marketing Manager. For more information on OvrStream, find us on Twitter or Discord!

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